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Sporting Activities & Fishing Charters

Hunting, Fishing, & Salmon Tournaments

Fat Hogs Fishing Frenzy held on Labor Day Weekend at the Rogers City Marina.

Hammond Bay Angers
Third Annual Area Anglers Great Lakes Fishing Tournament

Learn more at www.hbanglers.com

Canoe & Kayak Rentals--Ocqueoc Outfitters

Featuring Old Town canoes, guided fishing trips,shrink wrapping & storage.

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TLC Bird Hunting Preserve and Lodging - located in Millersburg, MI offers year around guided and non-guided bird hunting and lodging to stay in while you hunt. Call them at (989) 733-5443 or visit www.tlcbirdpreserve.com.

Weekly fishing reports


Cleck here to see a weekly report of fishing in the big lake. For additional reports from Mike Veine, click here.

Charter Fishing Boats Available in or near Rogers City

TLC Sport Fishing Charter Service


Richard Colonna, (989) 733-5443

Bruning's Charter Service
Captain Tim Bruning, (989) 734-3463

J. C. Charters
Captain Jeff Schwartz, (740) 627-7376

Pocket Yacht Charters
Captain Joe Pedota (989) 846-2161 or (989) 387-1553

Plumbers Helper  Photo by Blake Gingrich (of brother Brad)
Captain Jim Musselman, (231) 238-0576

Trophy Specialists Fishing Charters
Captain Michael Veine, (734) 475-9146

"Skunked No More" June 14, 2010 The Mary Jay Crew 2009

Flintsone Lures

Bugsys Baits  

Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox has developed a website (
www.stopasiancarp.com ) and is asking for your signature to put pressure on the powers in Washington D.C. to approve shutting down the canal system in Illinois to prevent the spread of the invasive  Asian Carp into the Great Lakes and eventually into the rivers of the state of Michigan (such as the Grand River, the St. Joseph river, the Detroit River, the Red Cedar river etc.).  Most of you have heard or read the testimonials from the biological experts who have stated if the carp make it into Lake Michigan it will devastate the fishing industry in the Great Lakes region and eventually do great harm to the tourism industry in this state as well as the other states which have shores on any of the Great Lakes.  

In December it was reported that DNA material from the Asian carp was found within 6 miles of Lake Michigan .  In today’s news (1/12/2010) more DNA material has been found within just a mile or two of the opening to Lake Michigan .

Cox is asking for all our help to go onto his site and electronically sign his petition to help put political pressure on Washington to take immediate action.  President Obama ran on a platform that he would be the “Great Lakes President” and was adamant that we could not allow invasive species, like the Asian Carp, into the Great Lakes .  But last week he announced he would not support the move to close the Illinois canal system.  He is facing political pressure from his home state of Illinois , the only Great Lakes state that is fighting the closure of the canal system.  Political pressure has to come to bear on Washington to change the Administration’s stance on this.

Would you look at the website listed above and if you are in agreement, electronically sign the petition?  Also, please forward this information to your friends, relatives and other contacts who live in Michigan .  Time is critical on this issue.  As Cox states on his website, once they get into Lake Michigan we won’t get a second chance to stop the devastation that will occur.

Sailing Events
Rogers City Marina is the finish line for two sailing events

Doublehanded Challenge

Cowles Cocktail Cruising Race

Scuba Diving


Winter Sports!


Snowmobile Route (pdf 95kb)

Ice Fishing

Ocqueoc Outfitters have comfortable heated 8' by 10' shanties for rent on Black Lake with all the equipment needed for spearing sturgeon, muskie, and pike as well as tip ups, and transportation if needed.